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Suvanna Migada Maha Stupa Project

Suvanna Migada Mahar Stupa Project is one of its kind and a considerably large project in Muse. The project started in 2013. Since then, geographical survey, design drawing, earthwork volume calculation, constructing a new project access road, and ground breaking ceremony had been conducted.

Due to changes in design drawing, after concrete placement of the foundation of the Stupa, the project has been suspended since 2015. The construction of the Stupa, however, was able to restart again in the last quarter of 2018.

For the construction of the project will be depended on the amount of donation received, the construction contract will be divided into phases. The following is the salient points of the Stupa, up to Pallanga stage:

Salient Points of the Project

Project Name- Suvanna Migada Maha Stupa Project
Location- Point 3127 Hill, Loi Teurng Kham, Muse, Shan State
Type of Work- Structure Contstruction
Client- Suvanna Migada Maha Stupa Project Construction Committee

Work Volume for the Project's First Phase

Pallanga of the Stupa- 2040.45 M2
Stupa Floor- 2554.98 M2
Date of Commencement- October 1, 2018
Project Period- 5 month