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Corporate Governance Committee

Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee was formed to achieve high level of good corporate governance, to supervise and monitor the performance of directors and the management to be in line with good corporate governance, and to help pointing out risk and providing strategies setting for overcoming the problems.

The Committee is re-elected biennially.

As at September 18, 2017, the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee comprises two independent directors and two executive directors as follows:

1) Sai Tun Myint- Chairman of the Committee
2) Sai Ohn Myint- Member
3) Nang Noom Seng Ying- Member and
4) Sai Than Tun- Member

The Corporate Governance Committee has quarterly regular meeting and has the authority authorized by the Board of Directors as follows:

(a) Corporate Governance

  1. Considering and proposing policies, directions, practices and business ethics in line with good corporate governance to the Board of Director for approval to adopt at all levels.
  2. Monitoring and supervising the performance of directors and executives and the operation of the Company to ensure it in compliance with approved corporate governance system.
  3. Reviewing and evaluating current policies, directions, practices and guidelines of the Company to ensure compliance with international standard. Proposing better and more effective corporate governance system to the Board of Directors for approval by consulting best practices and recommendations of various professionals and institutions.
  4. Comparing the Company's the performance and practices with local or international successful companies, and proposing the appropriate modification to the Board of Directors.
  5. Providing advice and actions on good corporate governance to the Company's Board of Directors, executive, and the managements.
  6. Disclosing the Board of Directors approved information regarding the Company's good corporate governance in Annual Report and
  7. Performing other appropriate duties appointed by the Board of Directors.

    (b) Risk Management

    1. Proposing and determining policies and risk management operations framework of the Company to the Board of Directors for approval.
    2. Considering risk in the Company's business operations, in terms of, including, but not limited to, economics, politics, laws, and providing visionary advice to the Board of Directors and the management.
    3. Considering and identifying possible risk in the Company's investment, finance, security, laws, rules and regulations in preventive manner, and evaluating and improving the working strategies and advice for minimizing risks on a continual basis as appropriate to the condition of the business operation and
    4. Performing other responsibilities as it deems appropriate.