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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee
Sai Ohn Myint
Dr Maung Maung Thein
Chairman of Advisory Committee
Tin Tin Yee
U Ye Kaung Nyunt
Member of Advisory Committee
Sai Aung Kyi
U Thein Shwe
Member of Advisory Committee
Ma Moo Img
Mr. Liu Xiaoping
Member of Advisory Committee
Sai Tin Aung
U Aung Thin
Member of Advisory Committee
Martin Jang
Member of Advisory Committee

The advisory committee was formed to provide professional advice on, including, but not limited to, economics, operation, strategies, management, finance, market, and human resources to the Board of Directors, for the best interests of the Company. Members of the Audit Committee are knowledgeable and well-experienced in relevant fields.
Members of Advisory Committee are:

1) Dr. Maung Maung Thein - Chairman
2) U Ye Gaung Nyunt- Member
3) U Thein Shwe - Member
4) Mr. Liu Xiao Ping - Member
5) U Aung Thin - Member
6) Martin - Member

Advisory Committee is re-elected biennially.

For the prosperity of the company, the advisory committee is undertaking the following roles:

  • Continuously prodiving knowledge, understanding and development of related fields such as economics, laws, strategies, finance, human resources, market and other business operations.
  • Giving advice to Board of Directors and Management Board on timely manner or when the Committee is requested to for such an advice.
  • Impartially giving suitable advice.
  • Giving advice for the Company's good corporate governance and business performance to be in line wih best practices and international stardards.
  • Openly giving advice to the Board of Directors and Management Board without hesitation which or where it deems suitable for the Company's betterness.